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Prepping Your Basement & Site

Basement and Site Prep

We leave the choice of foundation contractors up to you, but provide a foundation drawing that can be used by your contractor. Many types of foundations are acceptable such as wood, ICF or concrete. A concrete or ICF basement needs to be backfilled. Wooden basements also need to be backfilled as well, but in addition they need to be braced properly to prevent shifting while the house is being placed on the basement. End walls should be braced every four feet, side walls should be braced every eight feet. For the side walls, this usually requires bracing to run at a 45 degree angle to the bottom of the opposite wall. Outside corners of wooden basements must be backfilled. Where backfill is not possible due to a walk-out basement, bracing may be increased. Where the centre beam is located on end walls, the centre beam should be notched to allow the top plate to run through continuously. If basements are higher than four feet, additional charges could occur.

To request a basement drawing, please contact a Warman Homes representative: 306-933-9595.